Full Width Videos

Using videos as section backgrounds provides tons of fun possibilities. Combining videos with overlay images creates an interesting interplay.

Parallax Backgrounds

When you create parallax backgrounds, the background image stays in place as you scroll. Combine them with text and image modules.

Background Colors

Even simple colored backgrounds are great as well. Stacking up different sections of various colors results in some really fun and dynamic designs.

Tell Your Story

Sections make it easy to get creative with your content. By stacking horizontal elements, you can begin to tell a fun story that progresses as you scroll.

Sky’s No Limit

It’s time to take your design to the next level with beautiful parallax backgrounds.

2000 Years Ago

In this slide, we go back in time. By using the same image with a different color in this section, the background appears to transform before your eyes!

Create A Full Width CTA

By removing the background color of the Call To Action module, and adding a background color to the section behind it, we create a beautiful full-width CTA.

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